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23-24 November 2018

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Nevzat Sayın - NSMH

Material and technology in the context of a forgotten tradition: Wood

Wooden structures and building materials; examples of the disappearance for reasons difficult to understand - of a tradition that has had a meaningful past since old times . Even more difficult to comprehend is the production of “wood-like” building materials out of materials such as plastic, metal and ceramic. Yet, wood could still be effectively used with industrial or traditional methods.



Nevzat Sayın was born in 1954 in Hatay. He was graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Architecture in 1978 from Ege University. Sayın was nominated for and has received architectural awards both in Turkey and abroad. The works he produced between 1990-2004 were gathered in the book Düşler Düşünceler İşler [Dreams, Thoughts, Works]. In 2015, A Book About A Building was published by Umur Press which includes Umur Print House’s design and construction procedure. In addition to his work at NSMH, he continues to teach in diverse architectural schools in Turkey; he is a founding member of and studio instructor in the MArch Program in Architectural Design at Bilgi University. Summer schools, conferences, juries, and workshops for architecture students constitute an important part of his involvement in architectural education. His works also include texts, interviews, exhibitions, and publications on architecture.

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