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23-24 November 2018

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İstanbul Bilgi University - Faculty of Architecture ComputationBased BasicDesignStudio@BİLGİ - CARAPACE

Carapace is a Basic Design final Project, which was designed and constructed as a material system to be exhibited in Santralistanbul in 2013. Carapace examines the capability of plywood and how plywood could be reduced to units in a systematic way to create a pavilion/shelter/shell. Instead of using a secondary material to combine these units, an interlocking system was devised and material itself was used as the connector.  The puzzle-like macroform with a simple geometry of units and connectors performs together as a quite thin and innovative self-standing shell structure.

Carapace 2
Carapace 3
Carapace 4
Carapace 5
Carapace 6
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